For a no obligation custom quotation please Contact Us with your vehicle registration, make, model and location. There may be a small extra charge if your vehicle is located outside of the City of Leicester.

Vehicle Call Out 
Have you experienced problems with your vehicle? Leaks, blowing exhaust, unusual noises such as knocking, grinding, whirring or whining. If you would like peace of mind or for any faults to be found, a vehicle call out is the perfect solution for you. If and when a fault is found, we can then provide a no obligation quote to carry out the work required to rectify the problem. This does not include a diagnostic scan.

Vehicle Diagnostic 
Using the latest Snap On software installed on the Ethos Diagnostic Scanner, A2Z Mobile Mechanics can access the majority of on board diagnostic systems. We can read live data, reset dashboard warning lights, reset service lights, read and clear fault codes. Our diagnostics can access engine management systems such as engine check lights, glow plug lights, stop lights, spanner lights and service engine lights. We can also access ABS modules, SRS, airbag lights and traction control lights. This is a quick and effecient way of diagnosing faults.

A2Z Mobile Mechanics are fully qualified and use OE Quality parts. A2Z Mobile Mechanics can save you time and costly servicing bills. We also update your vehicle service record book.

If you require anything further added to your service, we are more than happy to add extras just contact us for a quote.

Brake Pads fitting: 
A2Z Mobile Mechanics brake fitting service is second to none. It includes fitting of brake pads which are copper greased to prevent brake squeal. We also copper grease the wheel bolts or studs, brake pipes, unions and hub flange. Other brake components checked as well as a free top up of brake fluid.

Brake Discs/Drums Fitting 
Brake discs or drums fitted to front or rear. Copper greasing of hub flanges, wheel bolts or studs, brake pipes and unions to prevent seizure and corrosion. Other brake components are checked and we also include a free top up of brake fluid.

Alloy Wheel Fitting

Professionally fitted wheels. Each wheel's hub flange and wheel bolts or studs are copper greased to prevent seizure. All bolts are checked for torque to prevent them from being too loose.

Used Car Inspection

Get peace of mind with a A2Z Mobile Mechanics used car inspection.

A lot of vehicle are sold with valid MOT's that are due to run out or worse, obtained from less than trustworthy garages. If you are unsure of what issues to look out for when buying a used vehicle, let us do the work for you. We can accompany you when you view the vehicle you would like to purchase after a time and date are agreed. We will then carry out a full vehicle inspection. This will include checking the vehicles lights, instruments, suspension, bodywork, exhaust, brakes, under bonnet check, checking for signs of corrosion, brake pipes, tyres and service history. A diagnostic scan is also included to make sure there is no faults registered on the cars ecu, which could lead to costly repairs in the future. The same inspection is used during our Pre MOT checks.

Although we cover as much as we can by the roadside, we can not carry out emissions tests, headlight alignment and brake efficiency test. These can only be carried out at an MOT station and therefore there is no guarantee your vehicle will pass its MOT after our inspection. It will however be a physical check over the car to give you peace of mind that the vehicle is safe, roadworthy and make you aware of any repairs the car may need.

A full report including any faults found will be given at the end of the inspection.

This ensures you as the buyer that the car is safe, roadworthy and will make you aware of any repairs the car needs.

Parts Fitting & Repair - Contact for quote
A2Z Mobile Mechanics can remove and replace damaged, faulty or broken parts. Our parts are supplied at motor discount prices and are quality OEM replacements. You can also supply your own parts but they would not be under any guarantee with us.

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